the simplest way to create flipbook animation

How To Make A Flipbook

Do you know the basic mechanism of movies, animation or even modern 3D animation? Regardless the type, every moving picture follows the mechanism of flip book where a series of relevant still pictures (also known as frames) are shown one after another within a short amount of time that normal eye cannot catch the interval between them. I know such brief explanation is not enough to answer the question – “how to make a flipbook” this is why I am going to describe the simple procedure of making a flipbook.

How to Make a Flipbook

Required materials for Flipbook

Since you are seeking for the answer of “how to make a flipbook” I guess you are a beginner in flipbook making. This is why I am going to describe the simplest method of making flipbook that even kids will understand “how to make a flipbook” by following it. Now let’s start by introducing the materials required for making a flipbook. The first requirement for learning how to make a flipbook is the capability of drawing. Of course you do not need to be a pro level artist, rather the drawing classes from the elementary school is enough for learning “how to make flipbook animation”. The second and also the most important thing you need is a pad which is glued or stapled firmly at the top. The pages of the pad should be gridded uniformly like graph papers. A 3×4 inches pad with 30-40 pages is enough to launch you first project of flipbook animation. Make sure that the pages of your flip book have considerable level of transparency.

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The third and the final material for your flipbook project is a dark felt-tip pen or a pencil with soft and dark graphite lid (a 4B or 6B pencil will be fine).

Initiating the project

Since you have collected all the material, you are ready for the action! Start your drawing from the end part of the pad. The quality of your flipbook animation depends on the quality of your drawing. If you can not draw at all, start with basic shapes such as bouncing ball or a stick figure. Once you have drawn the first picture, put the next page down on the top of the previous one and you should be able to see your previous drawing through the semi-transparent page. Draw the current picture according to the previous one and make small changes like lifting one hand of the stick figure slightly while keeping the rest of the body same. Continue this procedure and once you have finished 30-40 frames, your very own animation is ready! Hold the pad at the top and flip it from the bottom you will enjoy your own creation. By following this simple procedure kids might able to learn how to make a flipbook for kids or how to make a flipbook for school’s drawing project. If you want to know how to make a photo flipbook, the procedure is almost same but much easier since you do not have to draw at all! Just shoot some video, print the video stills, cut out the printed frames by using a scissor and finally bind all the frames sequentially.