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Wooden Shoe Bench

A wooden shoe bench is a great addition to any home. They offer ample storage for your everyday shoes while also providing a comfortable place to change your footwear easily. Many homes would be better off with a wooden shoe bench. What kinds of options are available and how can they help you? Let’s look at these questions a little further.

A wooden shoe bench offers things that most homes would benefit from. The very basic things that they can offer are storage for shoes and they comfortable bench top for you to sit on and change you footwear with. This alone would be enough for most people, but like many pieces of furniture, there can be more uses and options for them as well. Let’s look at the storage options right now.

One of the two main roles for a wooden shoe bench is storage for your shoes. How much storage and the exact kind of storage is really up to you. Even the most basic of wooden shoe benches will store several pairs of shoes. These more basic ones will have one shelf in them that you can place as many shoes as will fit. They have an open front for easy access and are good for general use in many homes. More deluxe shoe benches can be larger and have more deluxe features. The larger ones can easily store several dozen pairs of shoes and boots with ease. They can have solid wood backs and even doors like a cabinet. These more deluxe options offer a great way of tucking the shoes out of sight. They also allow for more styling options so that your shoe bench can more easily fit in with your decorative style that you may have in your home.

Some wooden shoe benches can also have storage under the bench top. The bench top can lift up to reveal storage for whatever you could imagine storing there. Umbrellas, house keys, or whatever else you could imagine can have their place there.  These become more like deluxe storage cabinets that can handle shoes, miscellaneous things, and offer a bench to sit on.

Wooden shoe benches are just as capable of being stunningly beautiful as any other wooden piece of furniture in your home. You can have a more plainly finished pine all the way to some richly stained and accented exotic imported wood. Really, the decorative options are only limited by your imagination and budget.


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